Steenland Customized Chocolate Coins, Mini Bars and Solid Shapes

Steenland Chocolate is the world’s leading manufacturer of customized chocolate coins and medallions, with exports to over 50 countries. We also offer a wide range of chocolate mini bars and solid shaped chocolates. Retailers, importers, wholesalers, private label and PSI (promotions, sales and incentives) firms are among our clients. Excellent customer service and product quality, combined with a high degree of flexibility, are the basis for the creative and solid partnerships with our customers.

Chocolate coins

We can produce any chocolate coins you are looking for, for every occasion, using the highest quality ingredients, packaging and imprints.  We offer seasonal themed coins as well as all-year-round ones, Steenland-branded or private label chocolate in various standard sizes with designs to match. We are also licensed to make Disney themed chocolate products.

Customized & personalized chocolate coins

Beside our broad selection of standard or seasonal coins, we can customize coins to your specification. You can design your own 2D or 3D moulds, display box, or other type of packaging – you can even choose to use our quality chocolate recipe or have it adjusted to your wishes.

Chocolate mini bars and solid shaped chocolates

Beside chocolate coins, Steenland Chocolate offers a wide range of chocolate mini bars and fun solid-shaped chocolates and also Disney themed products.

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